Vincent Costel


  1. Game of Life in AssemblyScript
  2. Finding tracked entities by primary key in EF Core
  3. Changing the security context of a session in SQL Server
  4. Evening Project: Conway's Game of Life
  5. What I learned in 2018 as a software developer
  6. Fun with MiniZinc: Christmas gifts distribution
  7. Azurite: An alternative to Azure storage emulator
  8. Getting Started with OSRM on Azure Container Instances
  9. Replacing BlockingCollection<T> with TPL DataFlow BufferBlock<T>
  10. Getting started with Itinero, a route planning library for .NET
  11. What I learned in 2017
  12. Using Action Filters to inject action arguments and reduce code duplicatio
  13. Json.NET unexpected defaults for parsing date
  14. SICP exercises 1.16 to 1.18
  15. Simple Feature Toggles for Asp.Net Core
  16. 2017 Scrum Guide
  17. Reading SICP